E-ACCESS’s main business consists of two parts: exhibition, one-stop- exhibition service, and international trade.

In our exhibition business; we plan, produce, install, and operate all the procedures solely by our own company. Therefore, we can provide our clients with the best products and latest industry trends at a lower cost.

In our trading business in conjunction with our international trades, we export, sell, and act as an agency representative to build partnerships together with the domestic and foreign companies.

Since the establishment of the company, we have always responded and listened to our customers' needs and also challenged new business strategies with our flexible thinking. For years, we have shown remarkable performances and we will keep bringing our clients with the best services.

Through these exhibition business, we have gotten many chances to meet various people from all over the country. With these opportunities, we aim to expand our business further. With our trust-based and responsibilities that we have built up until today, we will continue to strive and will never stop challenging ourselves to be the best.

Chief Executive Officer Yeon, Sung-Ryul






代表取締役社長 延 省律