A Talk on Details You May Need to Pay More Attention On

Usually before inquiring for a quotation, you would have to decide everything you need in the booth, including all the details of the booth construction, furniture, electronics; and signs, branding, and all the logos for a preciser quotation.

However, today we are going to talk about details of furniture, electronics; and printing-out work, logos and branding, because those are very easy to be neglected; such as,

1.Presenting a booth in a foreign country without adding the explanations in local language to assist your English description of item
2.Missing some accessories for placing their pamphlets or keeping visitors` business cards
3.Underestimating the amount of furniture or electronics that you need in your space
4.The need of your data in specific file that is accord with your assigned electronics

For those mentioned above, there are some actions worthy for you to take beforehand; for example,

1.Talking with your designer for the need of extra words to assist your English description of items presented in your booth, and prepare them in
AI file as well, if you need us to produce them into cutting sheet. (please note that we do not design for any printing-out-work)
2.Checking all the catalogs, pamphlets, and information in paper form that you are going to bring with and see where you plan to place them in your
booth, and then you may find out pamphlet stands or a box for keeping business cards necessary.
3.Simulating how you would talk with your visitors, sitting or standing; and with what, via video or your laptop you would like to use to introduce
your products; and then, you will see if you have the equal amount of equipment to fit your needs.
4.Please do check if the files prepared are in accord with the players or display (if it is a rental item, please ask for the format information)

These actions may save you from running for help like a headless chicken after you arrive on the venue. And also, requesting additionally on site is not impossible, but it is usually very pricey; and of course, your contractor may not be able to make it for you, because normally everything has to be pre-scheduled in Japan, especially during high season. In conclusion, a down-to-earth rehearsal is the best way to help you sweat less during your exhibition.


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